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CQ and Cultural Stereotypes: The French Waiter

You don’t necessarily have to have been the victim of bad service in a Parisian restaurant to subconsciously embrace the stereotype of the rude French waiter; Hollywood has projected the stereotype in enough films to leave most Americans believing the image is accurate. In March of last year, an article appeared on the New York […]

Why teaching cultural differences alone is flawed

In a recent blog posting on the Cultural Intelligence Center website1, David Livermore (head of the CQ Center) made the counterintuitive case for not teaching cultural differences to students or working professionals prior to overseas study or work assignments. Of course the caveat that Livermore added was: don’t teach cultural differences if that’s all you’re […]


Book Review: Never Stop Learning

October 23, 2018 By Harry Koolen (Word Count: 970; Reading Time: 5:30) Title: Never Stop Learning, by Bradley Staats. Harvard Business Review Press, 2018. Category: Personal Development; Coaching; Team Leadership Purpose of the Book A growing body of research cited in a recent Harvard Business Review article reveals that we can all develop new knowledge […]